22 January 2024

Sustainability - Ambitious new sustainability programme at PrimeAsia

Leather manufacturing group PrimeAsia has launched a new science-based sustainability programme, reports Leatherbiz.

It said sustainability had always been at the core of its leather manufacturing operations, but that the new initiative, called ‘Sustaining Excellence, Preserving Tomorrow’, is “an evolution” of its earlier policies.

Science-based targets, transparency and measurable impact will be key elements of the new programme. In carrying out this work, PrimeAsia will conduct lifecycle analysis (LCA) studies, set data-driven targets for waste, energy and water, and identify what it called “ambitious targets across environmental sustainability and social impact”, again using scientific data to define the objectives.

“We have conducted assessments to determine which sustainability areas have the biggest impact on our business and where we have the most opportunity to drive large-scale impact on the environment and society,” the group said.


It explained that, in carrying out these assessments, it had analysed its own performance to date, the needs of its stakeholders and wider trends in the industry. The targets that have come out of this focus on operational excellence, circularity, climate action and social impact.


As a first step towards meeting them, it has signed a letter of commitment to carbon reduction targets for scopes one, two and three (covering emissions from its own operations, those from energy purchased by the organisation, and indirect emissions from its suppliers) that have the approval of non-profit organisation the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI).


In taking the new ‘Sustaining Excellence, Preserving Tomorrow’ programme forward, PrimeAsia will partner with specialist Milan-based leather sustainability consultancy Spin 360.


This partnership will concentrate on collecting data from PrimeAsia’s operations at its tanneries in China and Vietnam (pictured), analysing the data and using the results to submit targets for SBTI approval by early 2025.


“We are excited to be taking this step towards establishing targets in line with industry standards to do our part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” the group said. “We look forward to partnering with our brands and suppliers in achieving our sustainability targets.”

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