8 January 2024

Judicial - Primadonna beats Valentino: it didn't copy the Rockstuds

Primadonna did not copy the bags from Valentino. The Court of Bari dismissed the brand’s accusations and returned approximately 5,000 seized bags to the Apulian company in 2022. Some details present in the Primadonna models were decisive, but also an agreement signed by the two companies in October 2018 which would allow Primadonna to use the pyramidal studs typical of Valentino’s Rockstud line.

Primadonna didn’t copy the Rockstuds


In May 2021, Valentino reported to the authorities the presence of two Primadonna bag models on the market. According to the brand they were the “identical and unauthorized reproduction” of the Rockstud line bags. Following the complaint, in July 2022, 3,000 bags present in the Apulian company’s sales points were seized and another 1,800 intended for online sale (source La Repubblica).

Primadonna beats Valentino: he didn’t copy the Rockstuds Primadonna beats Valentino: he didn’t copy the Rockstuds.

Valentino’s accusation

The rectangular shape of the bags, the presence of the pointed studs, the distance and the position of the same recalled the Valentino models. This is according to the Bari Prosecutor’s Office which authorized the seizure of the products on the basis of the arguments presented by Valentino. Valerio Tatarella, legal representative of Primadonna, was investigated for the crime of “manufacture and trade of goods made by usurping industrial property rights”.

Primadonna’s defense

The Apulian company promptly defended itself by recalling a settlement agreement signed by the two companies on 29 October 2018. The latter, according to Primadonna, authorized it to use the studs. Furthermore, some details distinguished the bags from those of Valentino. In the end, the judge of the Court of Bari ruled in favor of Primadonna.

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