8 January 2024

Footwear Components - Stanbee adds Flex, Vulc and Sport to Nitro components mix

Shoe components developer Stanbee has followed up on the earlier launch of Nitro Force with heel counters and toe boxes branded Nitro Flex, Nitro Vulc and Nitro Sport, writes Footwearbiz.

Chief executive, Michael Berkson, highlighted each new product’s key differentiator. Stanbee Nitro Flex heel counters offer “unparalleled flexibility”, he said, while Nitro Vulc delivers “exceptional fit and comfort in vulcanised footwear”. Nitro Sport rounds out the line-up with “high-performance toe boxes that are lighter, softer and more resilient”, alongside increased recycled content.

“All of our Nitro products are injected with a foaming system that displaces raw virgin materials, thereby reducing weight and improving performance,” Mr Berkson continued. “It is our mission to produce the lightest, thinnest, strongest, most resilient structural footwear materials in the industry.”

The company underscored how all Nitro-branded products are eligible for its Zero Waste programme, which works to reintroduce cutting scraps during production. It plans to open a facility in Indonesia this year. Elsewhere in Asia, New Jersey-headquartered Stanbee already has a presence in Vietnam and Thailand.

“We have made significant investments in elevating our product line through innovation,” added global sales leader, Leo Provencher. “We see tremendous growth in the coming years and are positioned to support our customers’ business where they are, with manufacturing, cutting and delivery of net parts.”

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