5 January 2024

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence - What’s in store in 2024?

Image shows Christmas shoppers in London.

Few things are as difficult as predicting the future accurately, but the first Leatherbiz Market Intelligence of 2024 offers, at least, a list of pointers that may provide some insight into what people in the leather industry can look out for. By Leatherbiz.

One important point is that stocks have fallen in some important categories, notably finished product imports, as well as in the wholesale and retail sectors. This is good news because it should clear the way for a revival in demand throughout the chain.

At the same time, falling interest rates and rising incomes offer good opportunities for an improved consumer climate, in spite of all the uncertainties that remain.

Unfortunately, though, it seems unlikely that the European leather industry will be able to find competitive advantages in 2024. This is because of high costs and an increase in bureaucratic requirements and what Market Intelligence calls “self-imposed obstacles”.

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