29 December 2023

Mongolia / Uzbekistan - Mongolian company looking to invest in Uzbekistan

Mongolian TML company has invested in the development of leather and footwear production in Uzbekistan, according to media outlet Trend News Agency. Report by ILM.

The news followed a meeting between the Chairman of the Uzbek Uzcharmsanoat Leather and Footwear Association Fahriddin Boboev and representatives of TML.

The parties discussed the expansion of bilateral relations and attracting new investments from enterprises in the leather and footwear industries to Uzbekistan during the meeting.

During the discussions, the Mongolian side emphasised the attractive investment climate developed in Uzbekistan for foreign enterprises, as well as the government’s assistance to increase the flow of foreign investment. The company is interested in collaborating on both leather and footwear-related projects as well as selling finished leather products to Mongolia.

As a consequence of the conference, the participants decided to start systematic negotiations with local Uzbek firms.

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