27 December 2023


Brooke Roberts writes on Linkedin that in my latest article for Forbes, I probe the circular textile conundrum, and ask: Since textile recycling at scale is years away, and volumes of fashion production (and waste) are rising, might composting be a sustainable option in the meantime? After all, there’s no silver bullet, as is often said.

I dug into Puma and Ortessa’s RE:SUEDE footwear composting experiment, and shared other examples, including shredded cotton textiles scattered on cotton fields, and cotton waste processed into a superabsorbent powder scattered on soils to boost moisture retention. Materials sustainability solutions are not all about recycling, folks (fortunately!), so check out where composting might just make sense, and how it could influence adoption lower-impact, non-toxic materials and chemistry.

Thanks to Marthien van Eersel of Ortessa, Romain Girard of PUMA Group and Pim Wilgenburg of Nera Leather Tanning. cc. Neesha-Ann Longdon of The Or Foundation Ghana, Cotton Australia, HKRITA – The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited, Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd Project Drawdown Vivobarefoot.


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