18 December 2023

Laboratory tie-up as CTC invests in Ars Tinctoria

French leather and footwear research and testing services provider CTC has announced an investment in specialist Italian laboratory Ars Tinctoria. As a result, CTC will become the majority shareholder in the Santa Croce-based business, writes Leatherbiz.

CTC joining both businesses together would allow them to offer a more complete range of services to customers across the world. Ars Tinctoria began working as a partner of CTC’s in 2021.

“After two successful years, we have decided to go further,” CTC said. It added that it expects the investment to lead to a 55% increase in revenues within four years.

“This is good news for our customers,” said CTC president, Patrice Mignon. “Italy is a leading country for fashion and luxury and it seems obvious that CTC should have a presence there.”

For his part, Ars Tinctoria chief executive, Gustavo Defeo, said: “CTC is a point of reference in the international footwear and leathergoods sectors. Being part of that will allow us to present a more complete offer to our customers in Italy and in the international market.”

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