7 December 2023

Leather Exports - France reveals its biggest market for leather exports in 2023

China is likely to retake from the US the distinction of being the biggest export market for leather and leather products from France in 2023, reports Leatherbiz.

An economic report for 2023, published in late November by French industry body Le Conseil National du Cuir, predicts that the full-year figure for the value of exports to China is likely to be nearly €2.7 billion, an increase of 12% year on year.

China became the biggest export market for the French leather industry for the first time in 2021, before being overtaken by the US in 2022.

However, coinciding with an increase in the value of shipments to China this year, the French leather industry’s exports to the US are likely to fall in value by 2%, reaching €2.45 billion. Commenting on this, Le Conseil National du Cuir said the US remained “an essential market for France”.

Italy will be the third-largest export market for French hides, leather and finished leather products, with a likely value of €2 billion in 2023.

It highlighted growth in exports to the Middle East, predicting that full-year figures for 2023 would show growth of 8% year on year, giving a total for this year of more than €660 million.

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