5 December 2023

China - CLIA announces winners for 2023 short video competition

The China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) has announced winners for its 2023 Leather & Fur My Attitude short video competition, reports ILM.

The competition focuses on short films promoting leather and fur as natural materials, supported by Beijing “Ruili” Magazine, Xingye Leather Technology, International Fur Association, Hongxing Automotive Leather (Fujian) Development, Hebei Wuji Leather Green Circular Economy Industry Innovation Base and Hebei Leather Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.

This year’s edition of the competition was launched on July 5 and brought in 168 entries from across China. The CLIA reports that more than 1.29 million people viewed the event page and over 790,000 people voted online.

Winners were split into two groups – social and academic – with 19 works selected by the competition review committee for each category. Each shortlist then resulted in a first prize, three second prizes, five third place prizes and an additional 10 finalists.

A competition exchange meeting will be held online on December 9, where judges and contestant representatives will discuss the experience.

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