5 December 2023

Automotive - Success for Bridge of Weir at Car of the Year awards

Bridge of Weir head of sales, Detlef Wedekin (left), receives the design and innovation award from Stephen Park of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers.

Automotive leather manufacturer Bridge of Weir, part of Scottish Leather Group, won the design and innovation award at this year’s Scottish Car of the Year celebration. The event took place near Edinburgh in November. Report by Leatherbiz.

The Association of Scottish Motoring Writers chose Bridge of Weir as the winner in the design and innovation category in recognition of the innovation that its new ‘super tannery’ represents.

Formally opened in September, the ‘super tannery’ is the result of a total investment of £14 million over seven years, which has allowed Bridge of Weir to reduce energy use by 82% and water consumption by 42%. It has its own thermal energy plant and its own water treatment and reycling plant.

This has allowed the leather manufacturer to reduce its carbon footprint and improve productivity.

In response to receiving the award, sales director, James Muirhead, said: “There has never been a more intensely competitive era for design and innovation across the automotive landscape. For the judges to recognise and reward Bridge of Weir for our commitment to sustainable and responsible leather manufacturing is a real honour.”

He went on to describe the ‘super tannery’ as a major milestone for a business that he said has been pushing the boundary of manufacturing methods and technology for more than two decades.

“Investment in innovation is creating the world’s lowest-carbon leather,” he concluded, “and is providing the automotive sector with reassurance in the supply chain and in environmental impact.”

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