4 December 2023

"Preferred polyester" - Has there ever been such an oxymoron or a misnomer?

Polyester is a yarn made from fossil-fuels, reports Paul Foulkes on LinkedIn.

It sheds dangerous plastic microfibres and nanofibres when washed. These nanoplastics can disseminate and aggregate in the circulatory system, threatening cardiac function and causing toxicity.

So just what does a “preferred” polyester nanofibre feel like as it’s circulating in your blood?

It is utter nonsense to dub “recycled” polyester from toxic PET bottles as PREFERRED. Only the fashion industry could accept such a ludicrous idea. There is zero scientific support for this “preference”.

In fact recycled polyester sheds more than virgin polyester. Because of mechanical recycling it is less pure with more contaminants.

These are truths – in all mechanical recycling. You are not recycling in medical grade hermetically-sealed facilities.

So “preferred” needs to be outlawed for unnatural toxic synthetics. It speaks very badly of any industry to even contemplate the word.

Dietary and inhalation exposure to nano- and microplastic particles and potential implications for human health report by World Health Organization here:

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