4 December 2023

Footwear - Insole specialist comes on board as Tre Zeta eyes further acquisitions

Specialist soling provider Tre Zeta Group has acquired Solettificio Do.Gi, a supplier of insoles for high-end women’s shoes. Do.Gi has the capacity to produce 1.5 million pairs of insoles per year.

Tre Zeta chief executive, Fabrizio Mecheri, said the Veneto-based group’s plan was to be a one-stop shop for luxury footwear manufacturers. He said Do.Gi combined artisan know-how with state-of-the-art machinery, and had “an entrepreneurial vision that aims at significant growth without compromising on quality”.

This move comes two years after private equity firm Koinos Capital bought a majority stake in Tre Zeta and is the third acquisition the soling group has made since then. It has already brought on board aluminum mold manufacturer Stil Stampi and soling provider Suolificio Magonio.

Mr Mecheri said the group was “actively looking for and evaluating other opportunities for expansion”.

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