30 November 2023

Leatherbiz Market Intelligence - A note of hope from Chinabiz

A high-end fashion show in Chengdu

A new edition of the Leatherbiz Market Intelligence newsletter came out on November 28.

The report makes it clear that the situation in the European leather industry is deteriorating and that rising stock levels along the European supply chain are causing additional concern.

However, it also says that the recent talks in San Francisco between the presidents of the US and China have led to hopes of a more pragmatic and business-friendly relationship for the two biggest economies in the world, which Market Intelligence says would certainly be “decisive and positive news for the leather industry”.

The newsletter goes on to suggest that what happens in the Chinese market after the Lunar New Year celebrations at the start of February will be key. “If activity can be sustained over the holidays, then we can look to the rest of 2024 with greater confidence,” it comments.

Adding to this, it suggests that if there is a recovery, it will initially come from lower-priced materials and products.

And if this theory of a recovery in leather demand emanating from China, and based on cheaper materials, proves to be correct, then splits for leather production may be one of the first products to benefit.


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