1 December 2023

Italy - Stefano Ricci: we invest in production and quality

Logistics, retail and 50 more artisans. These are the investments envisaged by Stefano Ricci. In 2023 the Florentine brand will exceed 200 million euros in revenues, with an export share of 95%. “We are looking at next year with caution, but we continue to invest,” says the brand. “During the pandemic we decided to increase production and quality: this choice rewarded us” explains Niccolò Ricci, CEO of the family company. Report by La Conceria.

Production and quality

The Florentine brand has revealed that it will close the year with record revenues: over 200 million euros. That is to say +40% compared to both 2022 and 2019. An important and fast growth if you consider that 2020, the pandemic year, ended with a heavy -40% compared to 2019. “At that moment we decided to increase quality and production, and this choice has rewarded us. Two hundred million in turnover is an objective that a few years ago we looked at from afar ”, observes Ricci.).


The increase in production will take place with an increase in staff at the Caldine plant, in Mugello. Today it houses 200 employees who produce leather goods, knitwear, cutting, silk processing, belts and bags. From next spring a tailor’s shop will be created with another 50 people (source La Repubblica). The investments will also concern logistics (with a new 10,000 square meter warehouse) and retail. 5/6 new openings are expected between Vietnam and the United States in 2024.

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