22 November 2023

Senior Apple executive to take newly created role at Dr Martens

A senior director at technology company Apple, Ije Nwokorie, will take up the newly created position of chief brand officer at Dr Martens; will take responsibility for setting the overall brand strategy, vision and direction of the footwear brand, writes Leatherbiz.

Mr Nwokorie has been senior director of Apple’s retail business since 2018. He will take up his new role in February 2024. At that point, he will step down as a non-executive director of Dr Martens.


He said he had always loved Dr Martens, but explained that serving as a non-executive director had allowed him to get to know the company “from the inside”. He added: “Dr Martens is defined by its rebellious, authentic and creative nature, all of which makes me really excited to be joining early in the new year.”

In his comments, chief executive of the footwear company, Kenny Wilson, said appointing a chief brand officer for the first time was part of its bid to become a £2 billion company. He said: “Ije is a visionary brand storyteller and this, along with his infectious passion for Dr Martens, makes him the ideal person to lead the next era of our brand development.”

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