13 November 2023

Footwear - Authentic Brands Group partners with Warson Brands


Footwear manufacturer Authentic Brands Group has announced an expanded partnership with Warson Brands, which produces safety footwear, writes ILM.

Warson will design, develop and distribute premium occupational footwear for men and women for the DC Shoes brand as well as women’s styles for the Roxy brand in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

The company will merge the brands’ iconic designs with occupational safety standards in the three regions, fitting the new footwear with protective steel or composite toe caps, while, for high-tech industries, several styles will be constructed with electro-static dissipating properties. All of the styles will include slip-resisting outsoles and some will have soft toe options for hospitality and service occupations.

Jim Maritz, President and CEO of Warson Brands, said: “We look forward to expanding our partnership with Authentic Brands Group by introducing two leading surf and skate inspired lifestyle brands to the occupational footwear market in 2024.

“With Roxy we will really be able to address the ever-growing needs of working women. We believe that we will be able to supply occupational footwear for more of our customers and workers in even more settings, such as the healthcare and service industries.”

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