2 November 2023

South America - Shoes and leather: good news for the Argentine supply chain


The Argentine leather supply chain receives two pieces of good news. The first: the footwear industry has taken the first step to be considered “strategic”. As a result, it will receive the support of the new government (presidential elections are underway). The second: the Curtidor Industrial Park (PIC) in Lanús is about to be completed. It will offer better infrastructure for small and medium-sized tanneries in the Matanza Riachuelo basin. Report by La Conceria.

Support for the footwear industry

The Argentine Chamber of Deputies has approved a national plan to promote the footwear sector. It wants to recognize the footwear supply chain as a strategic industry for the country. In this way it will receive the adequate support to become more competitive in order to develop exports and create jobs. According to industry data, cited by World Footwear, Argentine production fell by 35% between 2015 and 2019. While imports grew by 60%. This caused the closure of over 500 factories and the loss of thousands of jobs. The sector is confident of reversing the trend thanks to the new plan that has been discussed in the Senate.

Tanneries and environment

Decisive steps forward for the construction of the Parque Industrial Curtidor Lanús (PIC). The construction project is finished, while the industrial liquid effluent treatment plant (PTELI) is 70% complete. The works for the construction of the electromechanical connections are also well advanced. These infrastructures were designed with the aim of improving the tanneries’ relationship with the environment. In particular, the small and medium-sized tanneries in the Matanza Riachuelo basin. The works are an initiative of ACUMAR, the Matanza Riachuelo basin authority together with the Chamber of Tanners of Buenos Aires, financed by the World Bank.

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