18 October 2023

Aeffe appoints new Moschino Creative Director


Luxury group Aeffe has appointed Davide Renne as its new Creative Director for fashion brand Moschino, writes ILM.

Renne will begin the role on November 1 and will debut his first collection for the brand during Milan Fashion Week in February 2024.

Previously designing Gucci’s women’s collections for two decades, he will oversee women’s, men’s and accessories for Moschino, reporting to Aeffe Executive Chairman Massimo Ferretti.

Ferretti said: “We have all been impressed by Davide’s extremely sophisticated vision of fashion’s power to create a living dialogue with the world around us, and by his deep understanding of the House of Moschino’s legacy and of our codes. He is a brilliant designer, and a special human being.

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