13 October 2023

Education - UNIC at Fashion Graduate to help kids understand leather


Illustrate to the students of the Caterina da Siena fashion institute in Milan the peculiarities of the tanning industry and the leather guidelines in Italy. This is the objective of the meeting held by UNIC – Italian Tanneries during Fashion Graduate Italia. A useful moment for students to delve deeper into topics that have only been touched on in teaching, but which already affect their daily lives: what leather is and what cannot be defined as such, how to read a label, what to consider made in Italy and how to understand traceability of the product. UNIC has clarified the topics with which young fashion talents compete in an ecosystem that has made sustainability a flag, but where there is (despite everything) also a lot of confusion.

Objective: clarity

For UNIC it is crucial to continue to convey the importance of the work of ennobling leather and the virtuous circularity of the system. For students it is equally necessary to know the regulatory references, the manufacturing processes, but also to have the tools to decipher tricks that some clever people (and there is no shortage of them) practice on the market.

Training needs

Curricular training needs moments like these more than ever, which represent for the schools themselves the opportunity to approach innovation in the company, industrial processes and final products, otherwise advertised according to marketing criteria that do not they help in-depth study and specialization. No surprise to see how receptive young people are if adequately informed: the attentive Fashion Graduate audience reacted with lively questions. Workshops like these, on the other hand, serve precisely to dispel doubts.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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