12 October 2023

Italy - Fourth sustainability report from Rino Mastrotto


A new sustainability report has been released by leather manufacturer Rino Mastrotto, marking its fourth annual report. The company saw sales increase by 9% in 2022 and acquired two new businesses, one of which allowed the company to enter the textile sector for the first time. The group has six LWG-certified tanneries and invested €9.1 million in tangible and intangible assets, up from €5.7 million in 2021. Report by Leatherbiz.

The report showed that the group’s total energy consumption decreased by 9% from the previous year, with scope 1 emissions down by 13% and location-based scope 2 emissions down by 5% compared to 2021.

The group has established sustainability goals in Environmental, Social, and Governance areas, with the ESG Action Plan identifying eight sustainability goals in the Environmental area, three in the Social area, and six in the Governance area.

The group has set a target to source all electricity purchased from the national grid from renewable energy sources by 2024. Additionally, the group’s seven tanneries will measure and quantify emissions generated throughout the value chain. Life-Cycle-Assessment studies on certain product categories will also be updated to address traceability of raw materials and the environmental impact of leather processing.

The ESG Action Plan also focuses on reducing potential risks arising from production activities. The group aims to certify 100% of tanneries according to the Leather Working Group (LWG) audit protocol and work with the supply chain on raw material traceability. The group is committed to extending the ZDHC “Supplier to Zero” program, for which they achieved the “Progressive” level with the Trissino-based Basmar tannery in 2023.

The group is also working towards achieving the UNIC Code of Conduct and Social Accountability social certification for all LWG certified sites. They are committed to developing training and awareness courses on relevant ESG topics for employees and management in leadership positions.

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