11 October 2023

Real Leather, Stay Different - 2023 Student Design Competition

Are you ready to meet the winners of the Real Leather. Stay Different. 2023 International Student Design Competition?


Ana Del Rio Mullarkey, the People’s Choice Award winner whose rich dual-cultural perspective informs her work in creating contemporary, timeless leather garments that defy fleeting trends and highlight leather’s sustainable attributes.


Tamar Elbaz. Tamar is a 3rd-year Fashion Design student at Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art. who works every day to innovate, grow and evolve as a fashion designer.

Alida X., our accessories category winner. Alida is a skilled leather artisan with a focus on sustainable production methods and a passion for optimising off-cuts generated throughout various manufacturing stages.


Sara Veneziano. Influenced by her father, a shoemaker, Sara has a deep-rooted affinity for the craft and employs a hybrid drawing technique – hand sketching leather complemented by digital rendering via Procreate.


We look forward to these incredible designers battling it out for the title of overall winner at this year’s final in Milan on 16 October 2023. To find out the results stay tuned & follow us on all our social media accounts to get the latest news.


Click the link below to learn all about our talented designers and the outstanding work that they have done.


關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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