5 October 2023

UITIC Congress - New UITIC president takes over following successful congress

Image shows Yves Morin (left) and Sergio Dulio

The twenty-first International Footwear Congress, organised by the International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC), attracted 250 delegates from 22 countries. The event took place in northern Italy from September 19-22, writes Leatherbiz.

UITIC said a clear conclusion to come from the congress was that footwear companies “must innovate to become sustainable, fully embracing the digital transformation that is the key enabler for this change”.

Delegates had opportunities to visit footwear factories and spend a day at the Simac-Tanning Tech exhibition as well as attend congress discussions.

After 13 years in the role, Yves Morin stepped down as UITIC president, with Sergio Dulio taking over as the new president.

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