26 September 2023

Nike chooses leather over synthetics for skate collection

Nike has released another leather shoe collection, this time aimed at the skate market, collaborating with US skater Leo Baker, writes Footwearbiz.

The Nike SB React Leo is Leo Baker’s debut Nike SB signature shoe, a genderless design described as offering “high-performance functionality” and featuring a leather upper with suede overlays in high-wear areas.

Mr Baker said: “I wanted the shoe to be utilitarian with elevated moments and fashion-y vibes but ultimately to be a great skate shoe.

“The overlays with the toe cap create three layers, so it takes a long time to wear through. The triple stitching on the toe really helps with the durability. I wanted it to last long but skate well out of the box, so this new vulc-cup combo is perfect for that.”

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