25 September 2023

Brazil - JBS asks Lula for livestock traceability law

Italy’s La Conceria writes that JBS expects livestock tracking law to combat deforestation in Brazil. This is why he is asking the government led by President Lula to make the traceability of animals raised for meat mandatory. For its part, the multinational claims to follow its direct livestock suppliers with ” geo-satellite monitoring “. And that starting from January 2026, only producers registered in the blockchain traceability register will be able to continue doing business with JBS.

Livestock traceability

“The only solution for deforestation in Brazil is a mandatory national traceability system. Which we haven’t had so far”, declares Gilberto Tomazoni, CEO of JBS, in video connection with the New York Times to participate in the round table entitled “Climate Forward”. And he adds: “Then we could trace the animals head by head.” Reuters reports it

How JBS controls its supply chain

Brazil is the largest beef exporter in the world. The local meat industry blames criminals for the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. The CEO says JBS follows direct supplier farms with “geo-satellite monitoring.” While indirect suppliers comply with blockchain technology to prevent deforestation. Starting from January 2026, only traceable producers included in the blockchain software will be able to continue to supply the Brazilian meat giant.

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