18 September 2023

Brazilian tannery destroyed by cyclone

A tannery in Southern Brazil has reportedly been destroyed by what has been called the worst cyclone disaster in the country’s history, writes ILM.

The CBR tannery in Mucum, which employs around 500 people, was completely destroyed according to reports, with machinery swept away by the floods.

France 24 spoke to two workers from the tannery, who have lost their source of income, while their home was spared.

One of the workers said that, although work at the tannery was hard, she and her family were adopted by the city as though they were locals. Now, she has turned to volunteering in a local church, sorting clothing donations for victims of the cyclone. Her family has also taken in two Venezuelan colleagues whose home was flooded.

She said: “First, let’s help get through the disaster. Then we’ll figure out what to do.”

Almost 50 people have been killed after the storm hit the region of Rio Grande do Sul, forcing thousands from their homes.

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