15 September 2023

Scotland - Seventh-generation Muirhead becomes SLG Chief Executive

A seventh-generation of the founding family of Scottish Leather Group (SLG), Nick Muirhead, has taken over as the group’s Chief Executive, writes Leatherbiz.

Nick Muirhead joined the group in 2007 as a project engineer with the group’s technology division. From there, he progressed to senior roles across the entire group, becoming cutting manager at automotive leather manufacturer Bridge of Weir Leather in 2012.

In 2016, he became managing director of two of the group’s component companies, wet-end facilities NCT Leather and W J & W Lang. In 2018, he took up the role of managing director of the group’s upholstery leather manufacturer, Muirhead.

He now replaces Steve Henning in the role of group chief executive. Mr Henning took up the position a year ago, but stepped down in August.

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