13 September 2023

Franchising - Rihanna launches another Puma franchise

Singer Rihanna and Puma have launched a new product franchise, FENTY x PUMA, with the Avanti footwear franchise as the first release, writes Leatherbiz.

The collection is a blend of Puma icons, featuring high-quality “buttery-soft vintage” leather and a gum outsole. The Avanti is offered in unisex options for adults and kids, with design elements inspired by iconic Puma styles from the past. The black and white collection is complemented by a “chrome execution with laser-etched logos and leather chrome details”.

The Avanti franchise was founded on Rihanna’s love for football and her desire to merge classic fashion with contemporary flair. This assortment has universal appeal, with a unisex selection that caters to both adults and children. By incorporating design elements inspired by Puma’s iconic styles, the Avanti collection pays homage to the brand’s esteemed football heritage.

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