6 September 2023

Chemicals - TFL and Novozymes sign cooperation agreements to create enzyme solutions

Leather chemicals manufacturer TFL and biotech company Novozymes have entered into a strategic partnership by signing exclusive agreements to develop more environmentally friendly products, writes CueroAmérica.

From the collaboration between both companies for the elaboration of enzymatic solutions, the range of Peltec X-Zyme products emerged, which offers greater benefits than traditional enzymatic products. This new line significantly reduces chemical levels, including hazardous ones, and improves mud volume and chemical oxygen demand (COD).

The relationship between TFL and Novozymes began in the 2010s when Lanxess Business Unit Leather (the former name of TFL) launched Beamhouse products. At that time, they thought of Novozymes as a possible partner because of their vast experience in enzyme technology.

In 2012 they signed the first collaboration agreement, which was followed by other agreements that culminated in this strategic association.

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