1 September 2023

United States of America - The Bison supports the repopulation as a symbolic animal

From this year, the Florentine leather goods company Il Bisonte supports the US Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), an organization committed to the restoration and protection of the animal symbol of the brand, the bison. The brand founded in 1970 in Florence by Wanny di Filippo and now owned by Look Holdings (its historic Japanese distributor, listed on the Tokyo stock exchange), has decided to support biodiversity by promoting the repopulation of this species to which it is particularly attached. Report by La Conceria.

The “National Mammal of the United States”

For over 100 years WCS (founded 1895) has worked to protect the bison. It does so starting from the commitment to repopulate the Great Plains with the animals of the Bronx zoo. The association’s efforts are not limited to this species, but to the protection of natural life throughout the planet, with particular attention to endangered animals. In 2016, WCS ran a successful campaign to declare the bison the National Mammal of the United States. And today he works with indigenous groups to restore the ecological role of the bison throughout the American West and Alaska.

Animal bison symbol

“We pay homage to the peaceful strength and resilient freedom of the brand’s iconic animal,” explains the brand on its website. “It gives us great joy to actively take part in the bison repopulation project, which for me and many people has always been a symbol of freedom and resilience – said Luigi Ceccon, CEO of Il Bisonte -. WCS has taken important steps to protect this animal that has always inspired us and is an integral part of our concrete and daily commitment to environmental sustainability. “Saving the bison from extinction is one of the great conservation stories of our time,” added John Calvelli, WCS Executive Vice President for Public Affairs –. Our work with Indigenous partners to restore the bison’s place on their ancestral land is key to our mission.

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