1 September 2023

Chemicals - Germany withdraws bisphenol restriction proposal

The German authorities have completed their six-month public consultation on bisphenols, which took place from December 2022 to June 2023. Having received a wealth of new information from a variety of stakeholders regarding usage patterns and emissions, and after careful review of all the comments, it has been determined that a significant overhaul of the restriction proposal’s logic is necessary to achieve the objectives in the most effective manner possible. Report by Leatherbiz.

The overhaul will also result in a realignment of the scope, which is presently not covered by the mandate for referral to ECHA’s scientific committees. The revised proposal is predicted to contain elements that have yet to be discussed by all stakeholders.

In order to ensure proper diligence and participation, the German authorities have temporarily withdrawn the dossier and intend to resubmit it, taking into account all submitted information and realigning the scope.

The Bisphenol restriction dossier has been removed until further notice, and a new submission will be announced via ECHA’s Registry of Intentions once the resubmission schedule is finalised.

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