31 August 2023

Sustainable Leather Forum in Paris - Take an active part in tomorrow’s challenges at the SLF 2023

The Sustainable Leather Forum (SLF), an international event dedicated to CSR in the leather, fashion, luxury and design industries, is attracting more and more participants from France and abroad, writes ILM.


For its fifth edition at the Palais Brongniart in Paris on September 11, 2023, the Conseil National du Cuir has set up a remote participation service to offer anyone interested in the CSR issues facing the industry the chance to take part!


International delegates, regardless of their geographical location, will now be able to take part in the SLF experience with the greatest of ease and without any loss of quality. Once they have registered, they can use the SLF platform, while waiting for the keynotes and roundtables to be broadcast live, to organise meetings with the speakers, exhibitors (24 specialising in CSR), and participants from SMEs, major groups, designers, creators, consulting agencies etc.


Thanks to a user-friendly interface, participants will be able to request and schedule meetings, making sure that time zones and distances are not an obstacle to fruitful interactions.


Participants will be able to opt for videoconference discussions, either on the day of the event or on the following day – September 12 – to suit a variety of schedules and preferences. The process is simple: a quick login to the personalised area provides access to the videoconferencing service.


Rest assured that, even from a distance, participants will be able to showcase their activities and services to encourage discussion. One way of doing this is to upload a presentation video and/or brochure in PDF format, which can be viewed in the participants’ catalogue.


There are many advantages to participating remotely: reducing carbon footprint, enabling all players in the industry to take part in the event on a global scale, encouraging exchanges, sparking collaborations and collectively advancing sustainable best practices to make the leather industry an ever more responsible sector!


In conclusion, the fifth edition of the SLF is opening its doors wider than ever, welcoming participants from afar to get involved, connect and contribute to quality discussions. Continuous improvement knows no boundaries!

If you would like to take an active part, in person or remotely, in the challenges facing the leather industry in the future, click here.


Last month, the SLF unveiled its full programme of speakers and roundtables, including experts from across the leather industry and connected sectors.


For a tutorial on how to organise B2B meetings at the event, see the video below:


關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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