18 August 2023

Footwear Materials - OrthoLite Cirql gets new VP and General Manager

Image credit: OrthoLite Cirql.

OrthoLite Cirql, a developer of nitrogen-based, biodegradable foam technologies for footwear applications, has appointed Matt Thwaites (pictured) vice-president and general manager, based at the company’s headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, writes Footwearbiz.

Mr Thwaites possesses two decades’ worth of textile sales and operational experience, including at Coats, where his 300-strong team achieved “record sales levels”, American & Efird, Bontex, Texon and Amann.

“OrthoLite Cirql is future of footwear, and I cannot be more excited to help bring this groundbreaking new innovation to OrthoLite’s 500-plus global footwear brand partners,” he commented. “This is an absolute career highlight and I feel honoured to be a part of a company ad team that will forever change how we make shoes.”

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