8 August 2023

Excellent sales results for the Tod’s Group in the first half of 2023 have been reported on July 26 with double-digit growth across all brands and product categories with leather goods leading the way, writes ILM.

The Tod’s own brand sales were +21.3%, Roger Vivier +28.4%, own retail sales +23.6% and leather goods sales were up 32.9% in H1. In the first six months of 2023, the consolidated turnover of the Tod’s Group amounted to €569.1 million, up 21.7% from H1 2022. The impact of currencies was negative by €5 million at constant exchange rates, i.e. using the same average exchange rates as in the first six months of 2022, including the effects of hedging.

Tod’s is an Italian luxury goods group of the same name operating in luxury and quality shoes, accessories and apparel segments with the brands Tod’s, Roger Vivier, Hogan and Fay brands.

Diego Della Valle, Chairman and CEO of the Group, commented as follows: “The sales figures confirm the excellent momentum of our Group: all brands recorded solid double-digit growth in revenues in the first half of 2023. The results of Tod’s and Roger Vivier were particularly brilliant, in all their product categories, confirming the ever-increasing appreciation by customers for the very high quality of their products, their craftsmanship and their style.

The Asian markets, in which our Group is present with a widespread network of stores, made a major contribution to the growth in revenues in the period; we are equally satisfied with the results recorded in the domestic market and in the rest of Europe, driven by the local demand and by purchases of tourists.

Considering the solidity of growth, the favourable mix of revenues and the focus on controlling costs and improving operational efficiency, we are confident on the profitability of the semester and on the results for the full year, despite the uncertainty and volatility of the macro-economic context at an international level.”

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