3 August 2023

The Prada Group formally announced on July 28 that it had become a “Signatory Friend” to begin a new partnership with ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), writes ILM.

The ZDHC is the global multi-stakeholder initiative that leads the fashion industry towards a responsible chemical management in the manufacturing process.

The program will involve the suppliers of the Group with the aim to ensure compliance with ZDHC specifications by 2026.

This initiative is part of the Prada Group’s wider commitment to the protection and safeguarding of the environment, ecosystems and its people along the value chain.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, stated “We are extremely proud of the partnership with ZDHC as we firmly believe that only collective actions can properly address the global sustainability challenges, we need to face in the coming years.”

Prada Group comprises the brands Prada, MiuMiu and Church’s Shoes among others.

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