31 July 2023


Performance foam developer Dahsheng Chemical (DSC) presented its DURAPONTEX N-Series insole products, writes Footwearbiz.

DSC claims to be the first brand to use supercritical foaming technology at scale in the development of insole materials. “This requires consistent high temperature and pressure control,” said DSC chief executive, Johnson Chang. “The result is an athlete’s dream: unmatched rebound, resilience, and guaranteed high energy-return.”

In the construction of DURAPONTEX N-Series, nitrogen gas emissions are infused, leading to a soft foam cell with consistent room between the bubbles. This creates what the Taiwanese company describes as an ultra-lightweight insole that delivers “unparalleled resiliency and rebound”.

The company is also applying supercritical foaming technology to create an upper composite material. This innovation results in a very thin foam composite that it can be sliced to a thickness of less than 1.8 millimetres.

According to DSC, this gives the material a high level of extendibility, enabling it to adapt to a wide range of stresses, without compromising its structural integrity.

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