26 July 2023


Global food, agricultural, financial and industrial products company Cargill has announced a methane emissions reduction methodology for beef producers, reports ILM.

The company has partnered with TREES Consulting to develop the methodology, which is certified by Gold Standard, aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The methodology, titled “Reducing Methane Emissions from Enteric Fermentation in Beef Cattle through Application of Feed Supplements”, reportedly comprises a framework for measuring methane emissions reduction using feed supplements that have been incorporated into beef cattle diets.

It defines a set of parameters that beef producers can adopt to quantify reductions in methane emissions and is available globally, enabled producers to register their greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation projects for Gold Standard certification.

Practically, producers first establish a baseline for emissions during “business as usual” activities for a minimum of three continuous years and Cargill noted that the cattle given feed supplements must be clearly identified and tracked over the course of the project.

The project crediting period is set at five years, and can be renewed for an additional five years, excluding the baseline years.

Joanne Sharpe, Cargill’s Global Ruminant Sustainability Lead, said: “We know that the industry is looking for more accurate tools to measure methane reduction. As producers look at their current levels of production efficiency and work toward sustainability goals, we are committed to finding ways to ensure they can be recognised and rewarded for their efforts. As part of our methane reduction priorities, this methodology is a key step toward opening new possibilities to reduce GHG emissions in the beef supply chain.”

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