18 July 2023


The first five months of 2023 for U.S. hides and skins are bleak. Both volumes (expressed in number of pieces sold) and values decrease overall. The flow to Italy also reflects the general trend. Report by La Conceria.


The trends of raw hides are gloomy


U.S. fresh and salted bovine rawhide exports to Italy fell 22% in quantity and 40% in value in the first five months of 2023 year-on-year. According to the LHCA tables, the figure is worse than the overall one, which sees a reduction in exports of 8% in quantity and 14% in value. The statistic is supported by China, which absorbs two thirds of exports, and which has increased purchases by 6% in quantity (but -4% in value). The boom in Brazil and Turkey does not go unnoticed. Purchases from the USA of the South American country grew by 31% in quantity and 14% in value. Those of Turkey 64% in the number of pieces and 60% in turnover.


The trends of wet blue leathers


As for wet blue, Italy is the first (almost the only) of the 27 EU countries to import it from the USA. US exports to the Europe recorded a contraction of 20% in quantity and 7% in value. Overall, US exports fell by 12% in quantity and 19% in value. The heaviest drops in Vietnam (-33% in quantity and -37% in value) and China (-19% in quantity and -40% in value). In this ranking, the boom is that of India: +226% in quantity and +108% in value.

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