14 July 2023

This year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, taking place between July 20 and August 20 in Australia and New Zealand, will see the debut of the first pair of Under Armour-made football boots designed specifically for female feet. Report by Footwearbiz.

The model, called the Magnetico Elite 3 FG, follows much research and development into female biomechanics, in addition to feedback from athletes themselves. This has resulted in shoes that have been specially adapted to the female heel and forefoot, complete with a flexible upper, 3D textures for added grippiness and studs engineered for pressure relief and enhanced speed.

In late June, Under Armour announced changes to its senior leadership team, including the onboarding of new executive vice-president and chief consumer officer, Jim Dausch, as well as Danny Miles’ promotion to executive vice-president and chief technology officer.


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