14 July 2023

Leather manufacturer Gruppo Mastrotto has published its third annual sustainability report, writes Leatherbiz.


Achievements the group celebrates in the report include securing a patent for Reviva, a material it makes from finished leather scraps and offcuts that were previously considered waste.


Gruppo Mastrotto said it is now recycling 98% of waste material from its production operations; it has calculated that this is 20% above the industry average.


The group also highlighted its certification under the Oeko-Tex leather standard. Elsewhere in the document, Gruppo Mastrotto confirms that 100% of the electricity it bought in in the last year was from renewable sources. 


People-focused achievements included more than 4,500 hours of specialist training in worker health and safety. It also signed an agreement with trade union organisations to promote better work-life balance.


And in 2022, the group won an award from the Italian government for its work in favour of inclusion. The prize was for an inclusion project that Gruppo Mastrotto launched in 2018  to give people with cognitive-relational disabilities the opportunity to participate and grow personally and professionally in the company. 


Chief executive, Chiara Mastrotto said that, although it had no obligation to do so, the group had submitted the report for third-party certification. She said it had wanted “to give a strong signal to the market and our customers that we are not only transparent, but also determined to pursue the ambitious goals we have set ourselves”.

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