29 June 2023

Following a one-year refurbishment project, the FILK institute in Freiberg has reopened the fully renewed and reconstructed site in what was a basement area of the site, writes Leatherbiz.



Measuring 1,000 m2, the facilities will enable the institute to continue their work on leather testing and research without the constraints that the old site caused. The tannery has a capacity to work skins and sides through most commercially recognised processes.

At the opening ceremony, Co-general manager of the Freiberg-based leather research body, Dr Michael Meyer, told Leatherbiz “Research and leather testing is only one side, the ability to undertake production allows the understanding of why and where testing has to be carried out”.

In addition their own work, the new facilities will enable FILK to provide training content through chamber of trade and industry links to individuals and companies, including work on commercial concepts, along with partnership projects with other educational institutions.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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