27 June 2023

theSauerReport has relaunched with a new, user-friendly website packed with updated features to provide the best latest raw materials pricing and analysis service for the global leather industry.



Founded in 1984, theSauerReport is the world’s leading platform for the latest raw materials prices and trends for the global tanning industry, covering the latest market information and offer prices.

theSauerReport is the perfect tool for any tanner, trader, packer and processor or leather buyer such as a brand, retailer, product manufacturer or OEM, including information on splits, small skins and the main freely traded bovine hide producers.

Alongside an update to the logo and website design, theSauerReport now features a dashboard to help users easily access the most important market information, working seamlessly across desktop and mobile.

Ian Banks, Editor of theSauerReport, said: “Historically, raw materials prices for leather have been one of a tanners’ largest costs. Knowing if this complex and volatile market is rising or falling could save or cost a business a small fortune. theSauerReport helps businesses navigate the market and choose when and where to buy their raw materials or finished leather.”

Visit the website today to discover the new features or find out about subscriptions options and view a demo of the new website features.

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