21 June 2023

Leathergoods entrepreneur Yamila Isaurralde turned her back on a career in industrial engineering to launch Tasche. Tapping into the knowledge and skills of a Tuscany-trained local artisan helped her turn an important corner.



Industrial engineer and entrepreneur Yamila Isaurralde has taken time and care to build up and bring to market her leathergoods brand, Tasche. The company name comes from the German word for bag, but its base is in Arroyo Seco, Santa Fe, Argentina, and Ms Isaurralde’s insistence is that it will make its products locally, sourcing all the vegetable tanned leather it uses from Argentinean tanneries.

Her leathergoods dream was a long time in the making. She qualified as an industrial engineer and had a ten-year career, between 2008 and 2018, in a series of multinational companies, mostly connected to the automotive industry. During this time, she decided to bring a first business idea to life, a designer footwear brand she called Isaury Calzados, launching it in 2012. Devoting evenings and weekends to this project, after a full day’s work, she kept the idea going for years, pausing only to have her first child in 2015.

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