15 June 2023

At the upcoming Freiberg Leather Days, co-organised by VGCT and FILK, leather chemicals business TFL will present on the topic of bisphenols in leather, writes ILM.

The event will take place from June 28-29, 2023, at the Nikolaikirche in Freiberg, Germany, and will involve a total of 33 speakers, with 20 coming from abroad and the total coming from 12 different countries.



TFL’s presenter will be Dr Jens Fennen, Global Head of Research & Development, who will provide an insight into the regulatory situation of bisphenols as well as an overview of new technical solutions for tanners to meet future legal requirements.

He will demonstrate how the challenges posed by these regulations can be addressed with newly developed products, including genuine syntans with high tanning power and high fastness. The session will conclude with a joint discussion involving all speakers.

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