14 June 2023

Leathergoods artisans at Fendi’s accessories factory in Tuscany have provided inspiration for the brand’s latest menswear collection, writes Leatherbiz.



Its head of menswear and accessories, Silvia Venturini Fendi, has told the Financial Times that, rather than Rome or Milan, she deliberately chose the factory, at Capannuccia, 10 kilometres south of Florence as the setting for her presentation of the spring-summer 2024 menswear collection because the theme of work was its inspiration.

Fendi opened the new facility at Capannuccia at the start of this year and Ms Venturini Fendi told the FT that the new building was like “a diamond on a hill” and that the people who work there were themselves “as precious as diamonds”.

She said their hard work had influenced the collection and that the leather they work with had too. “Leather is another key word,” she said, “but I want it to be minimal, to be minimal but very chic workwear.”

Presentation of the collection is on June 15.

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