12 June 2023

Luxury group LVMH has named the winners in its 2023 Young Fashion Designers competition. This is the tenth time it has run the event, writes Leatherbiz.



Japanese designer, Satoshi Kuwata, won the main prize and will receive €400,000 and a year’s mentoring from LVMH. Two other designers, Julie Pelipas, from Ukraine and Luca Magliano, from Italy, were awarded prizes two of €200,000 each, plus a year’s mentoring.

In addition, LVMH awarded prizes to three new fashion school graduates: Luc Albert and Justine Janot, from Institut Français de la Mode in Paris, and Nikki Park from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Each will receive €10,000 and join the studios of LVMH brands for one year.

Specifically, Nikki Park will work in the Louis Vuitton studio on women’s leathergoods. Ms Park graduated in May 2023 after specialising in accessories design at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. While studying, she completed internships at Stuart Weitzman and at Carhartt.

She has also co-founded her own brand, AMHO, for which she has developed handbags that have near-field communications technology embedded into the leather.

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