8 June 2023

Wolverine Worldwide has announced new leadership appointments, including a new Company President, reports ILM.




Chris Hufnagel has been named President of Wolverine Worldwide, reporting to CEO Brendan Hoffman.

He has worked for the business for 14 years, previously in roles including Global Brand President of CAT Footwear, Global Brand President of Merrell and most recently as President of the Company’s Active Group, with responsibility for Merrell, Saucony, Chaco, Kids Group and Global Licensing.

Hoffman said: “Our strategy for long-term growth includes building stronger brands that resonate more meaningfully with our consumers around the globe. Chris’ diverse and broad experience as the leader of our largest global brands make him the best choice to lead the implementation of this strategy across our entire footwear brand portfolio as President and take a broader leadership role at the company.”

Wolverine Worldwide has also appointed Janice Tennant as Global Brand President of Merrell and Rob Griffiths as Global Brand President of Saucony. Tennant previously held the role of Chief Marketing Officer of Merrell since 2020, while Griffiths has been Managing Director of EMEA since 2021.

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