30 May 2023

For the second month in a row, employment in the footwear and leather sector registered a further decline and has already destroyed a large part of the jobs created in 2022. Furthermore, compared to pre-pandemic levels, employment lost during this period is still a long way from recovering, writes CueroAmérica.



In this way, in April 2023, a total of 41,916 workers on average worked registered with Social Security in the footwear and leather sectors, 2.3% less than in March 2023 (999 fewer employees). Therefore, if we make the comparison in year-on-year terms, with respect to April 2022, a total of 448 jobs were created, which represented an increase of 1.1%. On the other hand, if we compare the data for this year with those prior to the pandemic, employment in footwear and leather, in relation to April 2019, fell by 3.9% (1,679 fewer workers).

On the other hand, of the 41,916 people affiliated with Social Security last April in the footwear and leather industry, 37,553 were part of the general regime (89.6% of the total), while the rest, 4,363, were in the self-employed category.

Finally, of the 41,916 workers employed in these sectors in April 2023, more than 52.6% (22,039 employees) were men compared to the remaining 47.4% who were women (19,877 employees).

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