29 May 2023

Luxury group Kering has opened its new headquarters in Italy, 9,500 square-metres of office space in Milan, writes Leatherbiz.


It will run its Italian operations from the Palazzo Pertusati on Milan’s Via Senato. The six-storey building offers views of the city’s Quadrilatero Della Moda on one side and the Indro Montanelli Gardens on the other. A rooftop terrace also offers a view of Milan Cathedral.

Group managing director, Jean-François Palus, said: “We are delighted to move our Italy head office to this magnificent location at the centre of Milan’s business and luxury district, and thus symbolically confirm the role of Kering as a key pillar of the Italian luxury and business landscape.”

He said the move represented a milestone for Kering’s presence in Italy following the opening of its new global logistics hub in Novara in 202 and what he called “ongoing significant investment” by the group’s brands in Italy, which include Gucci and Bottega Veneta. He pointed out that Kering employs 13,000 people in Italy.

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