23 May 2023

Vasan Sai, qho is a passionate Leather and Leather Products Professional with innovative ideas writes on Linkedin about goat skins tanned totally chrome Don’t scarefree.



Have tried out some elegant finishes using some exclusive finishing system on these FOC Goat crust.

Crust is made in Natural color and finishing done on surface. The system adopted enables the color to penetrate up to the bottom of the grain structure.

From the below picture, you could see the different stages. First application, light milling, second application, fine milling and then, final plate.

Keep the heat high and pressure low and feed it twice. The nice shine will come out. You could keep it plain or again mill it and the tips get that, classic shine.

There is a combination of waxes and protein along with brilliant dyes which makes the difference in the final product.

Absolutely suitable leather for wallets, ladies purses and sling bags. For the Shoes, use the milled version and create a nice classic shoe or be with the crowd and create a nice sneaker.

Leather is a Natural product and passion related. The more you work on, the better the results.

Of course, that is Leather and not Plastic.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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