23 May 2023

Yak is a remarkable animal that lives in the alpine rangeland of the Tibetan Plateau. It thrives in extreme conditions where few other animals can survive. Characteristics that protect Yaks from warm summers and cold winters in the mountains result in exceptional multi-season leather.



ECCO uses this resilient material to make outdoor and running shoes as ideally suited to extreme conditions as the yaks. Due to the nature of the skin, yak has a unique look that varies significantly from hide to hide, which is difficult to find in other leathers.

Yak Leather is robust and abrasion resistant due to the thin, compact woven collagen fiber and closed fine grain. These make it possible for us to cut the hides into light leathers, reducing the weight without sacrificing performance. Other benefits include high breathability, a remarkably soft hand feel, and superb stretch- and-return traits.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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